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Attorney Profile

California Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney,  J. David Nick is dedicated to representing individuals charged with criminal offenses in both state and federal courts.

Mr. Nick has been providing legal advice regarding California’s medical marijuana laws since their inception in 1996. Currently, he is litigating various aspects of California’s new recreational marijuana laws (Proposition 64), including business permitting, prior marijuana convictions record clearance and criminal defense.

Mr. Nick accepts civil rights cases involving violation of state and federal rights, police brutality and violation of school aged children constitutional rights.

Mr. Nick, a graduate of the University of San Francisco’s School of Law class of 1991, has been in practice for over 25 years dedicating himself to both trial and appellate work.

Mr. Nick handles serious state criminal matters throughout California and for federal criminal matters he accepts cases nationwide.

Mr. Nick has handled complex federal criminal cases in all the federal district courts within California including conspiracy to distribute narcotics, money laundering, tax code violations and public official corruption.

Visit personally with J. David Nick at either his San Francisco or Palm Springs offices and see for yourself why he is effective in the representation of all his clients.

Mr. Nick’s unique style of passion and mastery of the law has garnered effective results for his clients.